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Luxury Villa Construction Company Dubai

Antonovich Group will do all possible to design and build your ideal house. We develop single-family and multi-family homes as one of the best villa construction firms in Dubai. Our talented design team and expert homebuilders construct brand-new houses for customers using superior craftsmanship. They even offer floor plans and drawings that depict a two-story villa's whole layout. Every significant element is included, including the location of the living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, windows, doors, furniture layout, and landscape.

Due to the expertise of the construction manager and the commitment of the architects, we thought of a top building company in the UAE for villas. Our villa building service is reasonably priced and charged by the square foot. We provide interior fit-out, refurbishment, and remodeling for your current home in addition to freshly constructed villas. Get unique house construction ideas from our villa contractors right away, and take advantage of our general contracting services to cut costs.

Villa Construction Process

Preparation to Construct a New Home

Our pre-construction phase involves the general contractors meeting with the homeowners to learn more about their requirements. We are one of the well-known villa construction businesses in the UAE. We also evaluate the plot of land where a builder intends to put up residences.

Designing Floor Plans

A thorough home plan for the construction project is designed and created by highly skilled villa contractors in Dubai. Also, we supply all the information on the HVAC, fixtures, countertops, roofs, ceilings, and other crucial components and get all the necessary departmental clearances prior to beginning construction.

Cost estimation for construction

As one of the top firms building villas, we use efficient construction management techniques and estimate the expenses of creating your villas early on to guarantee open communication at the construction site.

Constructing Your Home

For beautiful building development, correct footing placement is mandated by building codes. The project managers and building contractors guarantee a luxury and architectural villa construction Dubai by ensuring the use of high-quality building materials, energy-efficient procedures, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Renovation and Makeover

Even when the building project is over, our villa construction firm will refurbish and maintain your house. The cost of the house renovation service is cheaper than that of brand-new building.


The Luxury Antonovich Design business has made a significant contribution to this lovely concept. Modern exterior design is a popular house style these days. Its a mix of ancient and contemporary components that, when put together, create a stunning design. Making a modern external design should be done with intention. The idea is to create new architectural focal points, with the Luxury Architecture Design business adopting a new design style and mixing it with some of the most important classics. The buildings exterior ensures an accurate first impression of the home, its occupants position, taste, and vision of the world. In general, a masterpiece incorporates classic forms like cubes, parallelepipeds, triangular prisms, and other geometric shapes.

The outside geometry of the home design was neatly generalized by architects so that it could be easily observed, and the exterior design provided a sense of aesthetic enjoyment. The most common rectangular form in current construction and interior design, which is extremely brilliant, was mirrored in the architectural design of the luxury residence.


For the luxurious and elegant modern look, the lighting should be high-quality. The exterior lighting should be functional all-around your home making your outdoors easy to spend time on even during the nights. The lighting will make a great effect on your grounds turning your property into a beautiful and safe place with elegant style and beauty. With so many lightings to choose from. There is a wide range of lighting ideas to create a touch of elegance and give your house exterior a contemporary style. Exterior design is a great improvisation by talented authors of large and small forms. The use of contrasting materials in the facade ornamentation enhances the texture and volume of the structure. The buildings exterior ensures an accurate first impression of the home, its occupants position, taste, and vision of the world. Traditional shapes such as cubes, parallelepipeds, triangular prisms, and cylinders are commonly used in architectural masterpieces.


The primary goal of a modern home is to have a fresh design that people will like. Simple conventional residences are transformed into a sophisticated and pricey designs by the elegance and opulent design. This term is frequently used to describe ideal homes with high-quality materials that will endure a lifetime. More than merely producing comfortable and beautiful structures, contemporary architecture is evolving. Each project of Luxury Antonovich Design is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between architects and designers. And this magnificent modern mansion has become yet another pearl in a succession of premium architectural projects.

Exactly current style provides wonderful areas for creative daring ideas architectural drawings for designers and architects. All of these concepts, however, highlight the fundamentals of architectural composition and historic moments. The structure appears to be highly harmonic and artistically expressed. Exterior design is a huge improvisation by skilled writers of both large and little shapes. The use of contrasting materials in the facade ornamentation enhances the texture and volume of the structure. Behind the buildings exterior splendor lies a complex and meticulous effort of engineers and architects. All of the walls, beams, floors, walls, apertures, and overall height of the floors were meticulously designed.

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