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A Luxurious in a Trendy Styled Architecture and Interior Design has been well incorporated on this Project. All the materials that have been used is a very unique and modern style. From the Roof, we have selected concrete materials but still in a very stylish installation. The elevation was very well studied to be able to achieve the perfect balancing of the outdoor features. A widely open balcony all over the first-floor area was indeed a very creative idea as it results in a very pleasant and unusual design. Windows has been widely decorated with a unique piece of materials and still manages to have a proper balancing. Greenish plants with a stylish pot were visibly installed on the outdoor area. One side of the house, we have managed to design an outdoor Bar counter, along with it is a manmade small fountain and a set of plants and local grass. There is Bar counter can be transformed into a barbeque area as well to be able for the family to enjoy the perfect outdoor bonding while they are inside to their own place. This amazing view is overlooking on the first-floor balcony. This Architecture Design was indeed one of a kind design as we combined special schemes on its best quality of the materials that have been used. As this project has been majorly composed with Hardwood, the Concrete composition of stone materials, Wide range of stylish windows and native items, It has resulted in a very magnificent work of art.

The Company that Provides All the Best of Architecture and Interior Design

In presenting this Marvellous Project, We have provided a perfect idea that Luxury Antonovich Design is the Best Provider of the Best Work of art in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. And since that we are continuously proving our exceptional Services international, We have always ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​carried the assurance that we only deliver only the greatest and finest result in every work. Aside from the fact that we are composed with a very Professional and Skilled Team, We are keeping on the right track as we are ​​​​​​​led by the Most artistic ant top notched Chief Designer herself, ​​​​​​​Ms. Katerina Antonovich who leaves her special signature towards every work of art that she is creating.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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