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Top 2 Story House Designs: Stunning Images and Expert Tips

2 story luxury house plans

If you choose the best residential buildings in Dubai, it is better to build your own house. And if dreams reach realization, then in priority is often 2 story luxury house plans. After all, the construction of a single-story building requires a large plot of land. Thats why two-story houses are being built to increase living space and save free yard territory.

A two-story house, both in the process of construction and in the process of operation, will cost cheaper. At the same time, two-story best home interior design images look more respectable than a single-story. And also confirms the status of the owners. And most importantly — any best home plans with two floors is possible.

2 story luxury house plans have enough space to implement the most daring best residential house plans. And this is not the only advantage of modern, cozy and comfortable two-story houses.

Advantages of 2 story luxury house plans

The construction using 2 story luxury house plans today is not so costly, as most consumers believe. Of course, this choice will not cost less than a single-story structure, but its worth it. You can choose an already finished best home plans of 2 floors with a layout or make up an individual. Professional architects and designers will gladly help you make your dreams about the best residential buildings in Dubai into reality, offer relevant solutions that are relevant to your budget.

Best house designs images

Rational use of the land. If you got a very small plot of land in the city or outside it, naturally, you want to equip it with maximum benefit, so that each square meter will be used. Why occupy a valuable useful area with a one-story house?

High level of comfort. In the best residential house plans two floors make it possible to very clearly planning rooms for sleep and rest. Traditionally, bedrooms and offices are located on the second floor, and the living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom — on the first. Thus, in one house, several generations of a family with different daily routines and interests can live with every comfort.

Reliable and simple construction. Some decide to save on the project of a 2-story building and look for an alternative with a mansard. In fact, it is not cheaper, and sometimes even more expensive. As you can see on best house designs images, it is necessary to design and build structures with sloping roofs, correctly bring all communications to the attic, insulate it, make it comfortable and safe to live in fact, much more troublesome than doing the same work when designing a house in full two floors.

So, 2 story luxury house plans are the perfect balance between the useful area and the costs of creating a project, aesthetics, and comfort, a personal space for each of the family members, but without excess. It is quite possible to provide such characteristics — if the project is developed by experts who are well aware of all the subtleties of the construction process.

Features of designing and building of 2 story luxury house plans

There are several nuances that must be taken into account when drafting a house in two floors.

The planning. Usually on the ground floor are a garage, kitchen, living room, storerooms, guest bathroom. On the second floor, there are bedrooms, bathrooms. Often additionally equipped basement and attic rooms. There usually build saunas, playrooms or gyms. But if the typical best residential house plans do not suit you, and you want to deviate from the standard solutions, the finished project can be remade or made up a new one.

Layout of the first floor

On the best home interior design images, you can see most successful and interesting first-floor projects for medium-sized best residential buildings in Dubai. There is a garage, utility room, stairs, guest bathroom. The living area is a living-room with cooking and eating zones. From the living room, there is an exit to the terrace. On the best house designs images below is a classic layout, on the ground floor there is a kitchen and living room, utility rooms and a garage for one car, one bedroom for guests.

Layout of the second floor

The variant of the thought over, reliable and convenient planning of premises on the second floor on best home interior design images below. There is one large bedroom, two rooms for children or guest bedrooms, a large bathroom and a terrace.

Two-story house, spacious and comfortable — is the golden mean in matters of overall dimensions and ergonomics, useful area and accommodation of living and working premises. If you are looking for best residential house plans and want to build a reliable, durable and beautiful home in which not only your children but also grandchildren will happily come, choose the most successful2 story luxury house plans and trust the construction professionals.

Luxurious two-story home with a stunning pool

Charming two-story house with a cozy porch

Sophisticated two-story house with a breathtaking view

Stylish 2 story home with a unique architectural design

Spacious 2 story house with a beautiful garden

Elegant two-story house with a modern facade

Contemporary 2 story house with a minimalist design

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