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A luxurious home deserves nothing but the best home decorations. Having your home paired with luxurious furnitures and of course luxurious curtains. We at Luxury Antonovich Design don’t just want a nice home for our clients. We make sure that everything is in coordination. 

Our luxurious drapes is made of a very expensive fabric. Using the right color and right design of curtains can boost the mood of your room. Creating a more appealing ambiance inside. Curtains are also important to secure that no one can peek inside of your home. Our curtain designs have different texture. It can be a light weight lace, and it can also be a heavy velvet textile. 

It does not only go with you luxury living room, but you can place the curtain all over the house. It may seem like it has a small part in your entire house, but it creates the total package of every room. A room is never complete without a curtain. It creates a blog aesthetic and it is pleasing to the eyes. Regardless of what material of curtains you want to display in your windows, Luxury Antonovich Design is here to curate and design the perfect look for your room. 

Our Chief Designer Katrina Antonovich has never failed to amaze our clients. Her perfect composition of each room and with a keen eye for details, your house will be enchanting to live in. 

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