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Karachi Landscape Design

Karachi Landscape Design

The quality of Antonovich landscape designs is one of the most meticoulous project of a home. We first survey and manage the site and look if it is compatible for the plants to be placed. Our architects check if there are going to be set backs for the project or some restraints. With our strict assessments we recognize if the site is safe for the landscaping and if the plants and designs will be suitable for the house. We believe in preserving the environment for a better living. Giving the home a natural feeling. Having a landscape at home creates a calming ang relaxing experience. It can not only create the surroundings beautiful but it will  also provide fresh air to circulate. 

Having landscapes can attract positivity and zen into your home. Allowing good energy to flow around your house is good for the mind and body. You're energy will increase leading you to be more happy and calm. 

Landscaping by Antonovich will provide you the perfect looking yard. They will design every corner to be functional and stylish. They will make sure that it is suitable for the whole family. A playground is placed to have a space for your children. It is designed and created with the best material, to ensure your children's safety. There is also a lounging area where you can just chill and have conversations with your family. We can also design it to have a pool, that is perfectky desinged to fit your garden area. A lot of activities can be done, all in the comfort of your home. 

We include the following in our ladscape designs:

·         Children’s playground

·         Gazebo

·         Outdoor dining area

·         Pool

·         A wide space for parking

·         Other designs can be specified as per request of our clients

With this we can assure you that our landscaping will not only give your space a beautiful scene but it will also provide you a one of a kind relaxation. Making you feel like you are in a 9 star vacation at your own home. 

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