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Elegant Home Cinema Lahore

Elegant Home Cinema Lahore

Almost everyone in the world dreams of having their own entertainment room. And if a person has it, it mainly signifies that that person if well-off. It screams elegant lifestyle.

Katrina Antonovich has created the ultimate home theater design which everyone will be fond of. Creating this kind of space requires hard work and dedication from the designer. Every aspect of it has to be properly laid out. From the cinematic lighting to the comfortable seats and cozy ambiance, everything has to be perfect. And Katrina Antonovich leaves no room for flaws.

She used contrasting hues of burgundy and vintage nude tones to create a classic cinema that is visually appealing to the eyes. The use of dark colors in a cinema room is essential as it is artistic. It gives each viewing a grand dramatic atmosphere. 

The focal point of any home theater is its screen. It has to be big and clear which makes it different from your usual television. Here Katrina Antonovich gave justice to the screen by using metallic borders that gave it that old Gatsby style. 

The industrial style lampshades create a contrast to the view yet effortlessly blended in with the rest of the decor. Dark wood and gold linings are another wow-factor to this cinema room.

Seating is also crucial for a home theater to be considered good. Here, Katrina Antonovich designed a two-tiered seating arrangement for ease of viewing. The seats are treated as luxury and are given that vintage sophisticated finish. Using only the best leather materials, she has created an old Hollywood retro feel. These reclining chairs have enough space that gives that relaxed feeling.

The subtle lighting is vital keys to any home theater. Katrina Antonovich uses warm lights that focus the attention to the screen. The architectural characteristics of the ceiling made the whole viewing experience complete.

Katrina Antonovich used coffered ceiling design to give, not only depth to the vintage room, but also, old elegant vibes. The light beams are emphasized by its style. The white and brown combination exudes is also used in contrast with the rest.

Red marble topped drawer is a perfect match to the lighting because the material beams more light to the room.The lights reflection bounces back and gives more focus to the screen.

Lastly, the choice of red and white carpet is a perfect touch to the room. It adds intensity to the colors and it is not too distracting to the whole aesthetics of the room. Overall, this home theater is perfect for anyone who loves vintage luxury. 

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