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Classic Floor Design Pakistan

Classic Floor Design Pakistan

It is important that your home has the finest impression. Whether it's the exterior or interior, it should give the best perception of the entire house. The floor design needs to be represented well, and it must bring together the whole design aesthetic. Classic floor design has always been the best choice among our clients. The way that we design artistic patterns and mosaics into marble floorings have been a way to capture the hearts of our clients who want to hire our team. The flooring is meticulously designed and installed in each home giving it a unique appearance.

The floor of a house takes the weight of our everyday activities, this is where we walk and pass every day. It is highly important to invest with firm and sturdy floor designs. Our company especially our chief designer Katrina Antonovich has always been the first-rate when it comes to home interior designing including floor design. There are enormous designs of flooring to choose from, our firm always makes sure that we position the best flooring to harmonize with the luxe interior design that is being accomplished.

Materials and Design

Whether it is a traditional or modern design; a classic mosaic and marble floor looks perfect even on its own. It stands out and gives the room the atmosphere of a well-designed appearance that will amaze and leave you and even your guests breathless. It’s simplicity emphasize it’s expressiveness giving the home distinction and harmony in its general design aesthetics. The main advantage of the art parquet is its naturalness. The choice of the flooring can be made of any material. Our qualitative flooring of such materials will serve you for a long time and no doubt its service will compensate all the costs. You may think that an art parquet flooring is suitable only for classic style in the interior design. But our chief designer Katrina Antonovich will help you to imprint art parquet in a modern style, and design it in such a technique that the floor would complement and enrich the overall design of the home. 

Over the years the Luxury Antonovich Design company has been developing and contributing luxurious homes all over the east. Our company has dominated more than 15 countries and is now taking over Pakistan. We would like to get in touch with you and build your dream houses. Soon, we will turn that dream into reality.

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