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Aristocratic Cinema Home Karachi

Aristocratic Cinema Home Karachi

The Antonovich cinema home is definitely the most entertaining chamber in this home. The lights in the ceiling are a bit dimmed but the light is well dispersed across the room. The strategically carved details in the ceiling keep the light in place, creating luminosity without the glare. The Doric columns are amplified with the red backdrop, recreating the luxurious abode of an ancient Roman emperor. 

The scientific design of this room is seen on the majority of curves and soft material in this room; the soft all creates a muffling surround sound, ideal for the loud atmosphere as you watch your favorite action movie. The curves in this room, allows sound to bounce around the room without distorting its quality. Thanks to acoustics, or the study of sound, the Antonovich architects and engineers are able to formulate a soundproof room, while not jeopardizing its appearance and function. 

The tables are also positioned low, to facilitate a better viewing experience, and the roundtable that conjoins the two couches serves as a counter for your popcorn and soda, or, somewhere you can hold your partner’s hand while watching a romantic movie. The high definition flat screen television gives you a panoramic view, and the picture on it is giving you a compliment for having your cinema home designed by Antonovich. It gives you a relaxing environment, calming mood—but, not so calm for you to fall asleep. The room is very spacious and cold, but you can smell the freshly popped butter flavored popcorns as you get excited about playing your new movie at this room. It is like a crossbreed of the classical theater to the modern cinema and your home interior. With an entertainment room like this, which would still go out and see the movies where you can binge watch all day long right in your own abode; you can lie down or simply sit up straight while watching comfortably. This ingeniously designed Antonovich cinema room will make you feel that you are with the actors on the screen, giving the room its own character, different with every movie you watch with the lights closed.

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