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Luxury Exterior in Dubai

Developing unique projects of luxury villas, Design Studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design takes into account all the nuances and subtleties of the wishes of customers. This facade design of the house was designed for one of the elite restaurants of the UAE. Interior designers, using the author's brilliant ideas, brilliantly combined the features of the building such as its external aesthetic perfection, cozy image, mood of the eternal celebration of life. The uniqueness of the project is based on a keen understanding of the beautiful, elegant sense of style and a thorough knowledge of the capabilities of modern technology. The facade is fully consistent with its sumptuous interior decoration. Invariably, the main decoration of the building is the entrance portal that sets the mood of the eternal celebration of life. The entrance is decorated with the elegant portal with open terraces. Authors of the project actively use modern methods of lighting to achieve such brilliant effect of luxury and grandeur. The terrace is decorated with ceilings with LED lighting through the lace curls. Each step from the end of the entire length is supplemented with modern built-in lights. And for even more vivid effect, interior designers complement the entrance of the building with many modern projectors. The semi-circular pediment with light and luxurious vases make exterior appearance very lush and elegant. To achieve ideal proportions and a nice visual perception, interior designers complement the exterior elements such as columns with exquisite square concise trunks.

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