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Modern architecture project

World Class Exterior

An intentionally acclaimed design, this undertaking by Luxury Antonovich Design bears the sign of extraordinary living. A deliberately comfortable system, this endeavor by Luxury Antonovich Design bears the indication of brilliant living. With a huge region of the enhancement dedicated to open space, and a central affability district that is practically a huge in size. The delights of beguilement and loosening up are never too far away here. The verdant tree shades covering the lit up walkways make for nostalgic walks, reinforcing step by step runs or for excitement strolls around family and friends. Welcome every depiction of it at your very own pace.

Contemporary and Modern

The lean, vertical design incorporated with its surroundings yet developing without any other individual justifies, deceiving you in for a more concentrated look. Exterior is contemporary and health. Wood and stone finishings, modern products and establishments, and trademark lighting and viewpoints complete view that portrays this home. The open thought configuration is ideal for family blending, connecting with, or essential acknowledging unhindered viewpoints from each space, as you cook, devour and live.

Gigantic and Huge Home

Beside just looking, the gigantic bank of glass empowers occupants to wander out into it! Inside the tall, timber volume, a glass go up against allows the light and viewpoints to enter, edifying a crumpled wood and steel condition. Warm and suggest, this loosening up locale is spun around a wood-clad stack; a dark segment that echoes the trees observable through the floor-to-rooftop, one end to alternate glass. Just on the contrary side, a patio offers a private piece of nature and a quiet moment to yourself.

Resort House

Luxury Antonovich Design made to make a vibe of a resort with open spaces, a loosening up the vibe, trademark tints, and moderate upgrades. In the wake of picking to build up a faultless and tropical-like outside, they comparatively finished the look of the home with a blend of present day and normal impacts. To accomplish this, they worked with draftsman Katrina Antonovich. Considering the need a pushed vibe, Luxury Antonovich Design thought of dealing with a bleeding edge tropical feel while joining the inclinations of tastefulness and advancement.

Pleasant Design

Worked with the target of satisfying creating families, this home assurances to live in a system with a circumstance pleasant scene locale and grapples families through settlement amidst houses enough to keep security, yet not extremely far to give an open entryway in building a friendship in the zone. This private home offers a charming system for families.

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