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Nice architecture design

Climate Friendly

The mode house above is an architecture project by the Luxury Antonovich Design company. The design is ultimately climate-friendly and it has the adaptation of the tropical weather in the country. The materials are sturdy and perfect for a warmer weather. Here are some key points on what to follow with the tropical architecture design.


A good home ventilation lets the good air flow to a home. Without proper ventilation, houses will be polluted and can build up molds and moist. Ventilating a home needs to be constructed and included in a house plan from the start with this it is important that our clients have proper ventilation to inhale clean fresh air.

  • Natural Ventilation: The natural ventilation lets the air movement in and out of the house. It is the circulating air that we breathe in every day.
  • Spot Ventilation: the air movement is ventilated by a device such as a fan or an exhaust to keep the bad air out of the house.
  • Complete House Ventilation: This is a job for experts and professionals like the Luxury Antonovich Design Company. They will supply fresh air through the ventilation system so that the exhaust keeps the good air flowing inside the house.

House Orientation

The house orientation is important to your home design to have an eliminated heating or cooling weather. The model house above is a great comfortable orientation that helps wind directions and the sunlight map its way to your home. The strategical placement of the houses door and windows is considered int he house orientation. It helps the house have a better circulation in the air and even in lighting.

  • Climate: The climate needs to be considered in home orientation, the cool weather or the warm weather adds an impact in the home design.
  • Sun positioning: Make the most out of the sunlight, the positioning of this house. It has an area where the light is reduced and there are areas that receive subtle lightings.
  • Having a balance: The balance will give the home a well-divided energy that allows a good flow to your home.

Flat Roof

The inclined roof design is a modern style that is adapted to most houses these days. It is efficient and easier to maintain as it has its own inclined flushing which just lets the water slide through the roof in case of heavy rain. These are some of the reasons why a flat roof is effective for the modern home.

  • Sleek and modern: Flat roofs have a beautiful aesthetic that gives a home a uniquely beautiful design structure that is perfect for the landscape of your home.
  • Adds a usable space: Square roof or flat roofs are a great space that can be used in the future. You can add another floor, or an open rooftop, or even a rooftop garden with this feature.
  • Great Protection: Flat roofs are a modern design that is also well designed to give a great protection from different types of weather. It is improved the weatherproofing technology that prevents leakage or damage because of too much heat.
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