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Contemporary architecture design

Home for a Rich Family

This contemporary yet rich family home arranged by Luxury Antonovich Design incorporates a sentiment of fun with unobtrusive surface plans and an astounding swimming pool. The look is to a great degree present day and not overwhelming, but instead more than anything it's pleasing and agreeable. The elegant and extricated up a vibe of contemporary style is nothing if not happy. Folded surfaces, gobs of cushions and sensitive, material surfaces welcome you to sit down and remain for a brief period. Furthermore, this room has the one thing each agreeable room needs; a releasing up love seat. It incorporates minute warmth and can give even the coldest room a sentiment of warmth. Being contemporary doesn't mean a room can't be jazzy! Luxury Antonovich Design was certain about how they expected to change the house. With a specific layout heading, the test was uniting all of the parts the property holders required into a for the most part enormous space. Luxury Antonovich Design struck a counterbalanced by playing with fragile tints, flies of print and structures, and unpretentious layers of surface.

Private Contemporary Design

Luxury Antonovich Design offers expansive private homes with lovely tropical present-day architecture homes. Flawless, contemporary lines coordinated with warm, rich parts make a home of serenity and smoothness. Made for a perky living for you and your family, houses made and incited to mirror the eminence and endlessness of headway. Luxury Antonovich Design's optimal, streamlined spaces work out as proposed in everything from tropical homes to houses that play into their condition dependably. Their works, from private to business spaces, have a watchful and conscious reaction to a setting. The firm pools their insight into scene design, urban arranging, and plan into an arrangement that is inundated with validity, duty, and socio-social setting. The structures they've helped formed, from their portrayals to Luxury tropical living spaces, all have a trademark fragile quality. 

Radiant Look and Style

This contemporary style home advances a striking articulation among its regular condition, sited on an elevated inclination hung in rich, verdant trees. The mind-boggling structure has included a movement of boxes in contrasting scales and finished in materials including wood, glass, and stone. Immense windows, walkouts, and porches unite nature and building. Inside, open volumes and glass traverse running overhead let light stream energetically between floors, enhancing the home's radiant sentiment of the room. the intricacy of materials, the straightforwardness versus heartiness, vertical playing against level, distending versus pushed in. This house is a shrewdness practice in opposite energies and an instance of how they really do pull in.

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