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Project 9

The architectural project of elite housing complex in a modern style is characterized by concise and expressive way. Architectural bureau Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design each project complements with the innovative ideas and innovation. The grand architectural project of a housing complex takes into account the landscape and all the details that are needed to create a comfortable environment for life in the metropolis. Visually lightweight features of the buildings are based on the use of glass facades and green terraces with solar panels on the roofs of buildings. Architect Dubai perfectly combines the overall shape of the building, a large plastic facade, silhouette, openings, restrained color and texture. The architectural design of each item brings a certain aesthetic and informational potential. Architects UAE take into account the specific conditions and purpose of the complex, filling the specific content of each layer. Harmony of shapes and lines is felt visually and gives a full sense of the natural purity. In developing of the author's projects architectural office Luxury Antonovich Design design uses in works all the common techniques of the image. This three-dimensional models, replicas, perspective construction, photography and other ways more fully represent all ideas. And the harmony that is inherent in each individual building and architectural ensemble in the complex, is based on the author's brilliant ideas of experienced and talented architects of Dubai. Architectural firm in Dubai offers modern residential projects and public buildings.

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