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Modern Architectural Project

Architectural design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is based on the best traditions of architecture and innovative ideas of architects. A clear image of geometric features of spatial forms inherent in each author's project, both in the classical and contemporary style. Stylish and unique project of shopping and entertainment complex corresponds to the fashion trends in architecture. The unique beauty of the building will be the architectural jewel of one of the urban areas. The grandiose project harmoniously composed traditional elements and three-dimensional forms. The harmony of a combination of various forms leads to wholeness and synthesis of composition, gives importance and monumentality, but also facilitates the visual perception of the architectural object from any angle. Architectural bureau Dubai creates unique beauty and configuration of projects that are filled with deep meaning and philosophy of contemporary art. The architectural project today is a very complex and multifaceted process. Authors of the project work on all internal details of a building, planning, utilities, lighting techniques, and all components needed for the normal life of buildings and structures for many years. Using modulation, which is subject to planning of the system, filling the walls, top beams, the height of openings and floors, the project authors provide projects perfect in architecture and facilities performance. The architectural design of the shopping mall differs with graceful contours, smooth lines and streamlined forms.

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