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Hotel Project UAE

The scale of this architectural design is impressive with unique beauty of the original solutions. Visual perception of the architectural ensemble of the hotel complex in Dubai is distinguished by clarity and harmony, both nearby and bird's eye panorama. Architect Dubai accurately completes the task in terms of building regularities, agreement on certain elements of the building and bringing of all the elements to a unified image of clean lines perfection and shapes. Architectural design distinguishes with unique original solutions in terms of quiet rhythm of facades, which is formed by windows and a combination of symmetric elements. The project clearly meets the marketing strategy of the network of luxury hotels and underlines their style of service. The ease and grace of an architectural ensemble, which from bird's eye visually resembles wings, adjusts to the pleasant and romantic mood. That symmetry, which is one of the most common methods in architecture, is a part of the author's ideas and adds a perfect a flawless image of the project. The architects Dubai created a multi-faceted image with several symmetrical planes. The complexity of the project, on the basis of which gorgeous architectural ensemble turned out, is based on the addition of the compositions with mixed structures. Architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai offers a comprehensive approach that includes full support for the project. Necessary part of the design is also a landscape design. Professional approach to business is based on the successful experience of projects of luxury hotels worldwide.

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