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Luxury Mosque Design


Our modern lives are full of worries, fuss and never stand still. We are always on the run; “the bigger the better” goes through our heads. But where we can find so desired peace and quiet? All the Muslims in the world for hundreds and hundreds years gather together five times a day and night postponing their vain efforts and are carried away into a world of relaxation and purity that is present in the atmosphere of mosque. It easily can be explained by the greatness of its architectural forms and majestic constructions that brings you the blessed emotional state.


The mosque plays a very important and major vital role in lives of all the Muslims and it occupies a central place in their hearts. In Koran Allah speaks with these words: “In houses (mosques) which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name is mentioned therein...exalting Him within them in the morning and the evenings... (Surat Al-Nur, 36-37).

Our groups of architects and designers have a special and particular interest for minarets and domes, which fully impress by their variety of forms and beauty, and we are ready to overshadow all our predecessors in the designing, construction and decorating. The beautiful design of the corrugated domes can give the mosque some harmony and balanced proportions, as well as it perfectly decorates the entire ensemble, and the minarets in their unique architectural style perfectly fit into the local architecture of any time and space.


Mosque is the blissful island in this crazy sea called modern life. The spiritual duty of every Muslim is to keep and respect all the houses of Allah, giving them all the honors, the saint duty of every Muslim is to try to revive and make their faith stronger while staying within the walls of these monumental constructions. The architectural and interior design company Luxury Antonovich Design knows how to be closer to God. Our great group of professionals can easily and in a short period creates a fabulous and unique 3d design of the mosque that you deserve. It can be designed in accordance with your vision, taste and your desire. The style, the type and the scale can be chosen due to your mood, your beliefs and preferences. Luxury Antonovich Design is always here to protect and transform your plans and ideas into reality.

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