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Spectacular Architectural Project Dubai

The emotional impact of the architectural image of the shopping and entertainment complex sets exceptionally pleasant associations. The grand-scale architectural project reflects current trends and developments of new technologies. The pursuit of sustainability is reflected in elements such as solar panels, which in this project become a stylish decoration of the entrance portal of the complex. Architects Dubai using modern technology, offered an abundance of natural green lawns, which complement the architectural ensemble with natural freshness and warmth. Behind the elegant image of the building a multifunctional communications system and all the necessary facilities are located. For the perfect harmony of volumes and shapes in buildings facades architect Dubai uses masterly such architectural tools as rhythm, scale, proportionality, texture materials, lighting, tectonics and proportions. In developing this large-scale architectural project, the authors take into account the characteristics of the surrounding landscape, scenery. Thus, a shopping and entertainment complex ideally fits into the panorama of the coast and it became an architectural gem. Proportionality of complex's architectural forms perfectly reflects the virtuosity and talent of architects. With the scale of the project authors have expressed particular composition of buildings and their whole image. Beautiful and functional design solutions make this project unique. Architecture office in Dubai offers unique solutions in line with modern trends.

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