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Architectural engineering consultants in Dubai

Architectural engineering consultants in Dubai offer architectural designs for homes and design of objects for various purposes. The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio realize the complex process of creating a project: from the pre-project proposal to the authors supervision in the construction and finishing. In addition, we offer the development of architectural design solutions for buildings and premises, as well as the implementation of the most daring architect architecture “turnkey”.

Architectural engineering consultants in Dubai carry out the architectural design for homes, and renovation of buildings built in previous decades, as well as architectural design solutions for apartments in old houses and apartments in new residential complexes, architect architecture for offices, and restaurants.

The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio Our quite a large architect design firm. Our architect design firm is ready to provide you with such design works as: design of commercial real estate objects, designing of buildings and structures, including fast food restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers and complexes, cinemas, restaurants, multiplexes, multifunctional office and trade and office and warehouse centers, as well as architectural design for homes.

Architect architecture

Architect architecture involves the creation of new construction projects that must meet all modern requirements, harmoniously blending into the urban architecture. The same architectural design is the kind of activity whose result is the drawing up of an architectural project — a document without which construction can not begin.

The qualitatively executed architectural design is distinguished by — competent, accurate and logical zoning, the competent arrangement of furniture, and most importantly, originality and design fantasy, supported by experience and attention to detail, based on an understanding of the customers personality.

Therefore, architectural designs for homes is a multi-stage and complex work, which should be dealt with by professionals. After all, architects should not only have sufficient experience and knowledge but also have a good understanding of the novelties of the construction market. It is also important to remember that not only architects are involved in the project development, but also experts in other areas.

The main direction of our company is the architectural designs for homes. We carry out the architectural designs for homes, respectively, with the initial permissive documentation and the task for architectural design for homes.

Architectural design for homes has several basic stages:

  • Development of the architectural design solutions for the building (draft design — in several versions)
  • Design development of the chosen concept (plans, facades, sections in full version)
  • Construction project/foundation, ceiling, roofing, insulation, components, parts (including calculations and all specifications).

Obviously, competent design, a very complex and multifaceted task, and which is better be entrusted to a professional architect design firm.

Cutting-edge architectural design in Dubai

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Sustainable architecture solutions in Dubai

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