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In world comprehensive Architecture meets Elegance and Luxurious World of Design. Taking a glance on this stunning Architectural design is surprisingly will amaze you in a snap. This Design is extremely classic and very stylish in the most detailed design and decoration. This would be another creation that something to be proud of. Luxury Antonovich design is the best provider of Architectural Solutions, aside from the fact that the full team has been composed with very Professional and skilled Architects, Designers and Project Managers, The Chief Designer herself, Ms. Katerina Antonovich is always making sure that she has a personal touch in every Project.

The roof has been obviously finished with a composition of concrete materials. A very detailed carvings and exterior gypsum has been artistically set aligned with a touch of gild linings. An artisan designed tall balustrade has been well arranged with a very detailed design. This architectural design has indeed very outstanding elevations as the Main door and the windows have a perfect balancing in all spaces. We have installed a very Elegant Outdoor chandelier painted in black and gold, it has been well matched with the outdoor side lamps. We have created an out of this world Terrace Design, All of the materials and furniture that we have arranged was a hundred per cent unique as most of it is customized made. I bet that this is the very that you will be encountering the kind of the indoor fountain design that we have arranged. Aside from following the points of the owner to make it luxurious and yet colourful, The architect and designer has been given a chance to be adventurous in designing this work of art. A Royal style bronze color sofa chair has been arranged on the both sides of the area. Can you imagine how fascinating it is to sit and relax comfortable while enjoying the view from the outside with a relaxing sound from the fountain. We have selected the premium class of marble and put up detailed floor lightings. A colourful decorative plants has been perfectly scattered in every corner of the terrace. The very detailed carvings on the ceiling has been completed a very luxurious result of the entire area. Using a perfect blend of White base colored ceiling with gold linings.

Every successful work of art that we are continuously making, there is a very fulfilled team that is full of inspiration and dedication towards every work. Our goal is to attain the most effective solutions and fruitful outcome up to the final turnover of the project to the owner.

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