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Best Interior designer Nigeria

Best Interior designer Nigeria

Bold color combinations, rich warm colors, gold and gilding in the design — all this is typical for the ideal interiors Nigeria.

You can simply imagine the landscape characteristic of Nigeria. The color palette that will prevail in the natural environment is ideal for decorating the ideal interiors Kenya. It is appropriate to use both white and black, the whole gamut of the yellow-brown spectrum. The maximum of naturalness and closeness to the surrounding nature is the main rule.

On a bright and dominant background, numerous decor elements will be placed. Here used a variety of textiles, draperies, many interesting things. Vases, pitchers, masks, trophies, ritual and shamanic tools abundantly adorn walls and floors.

Colors: warm shades Africa is a continent of sand and clay, blue sky and bright sun, dry grass and green trees. The color scheme of ideal interiors Nigeria repeats warm natural hues:

beige and yellow,

red and brown,

green and bluish — as if filling the room with warmth and sunlight.

Walls and furniture should also have a warm light color. There are a lot of furniture and it is very diverse. Preference is given to soft furniture, which is comfortable. Here, and sofas, and ottomans, and chairs, and footstools. Cabinets and shelves also present. There are even classic chairs and stools. Wood carving is widely used. With all the abundance and variety of furniture, there is a feeling of freedom and naturalness, the illusion of clutter is not created.

Materials for the manufacture of furniture are selected natural origin, characteristic of the African continent. First of all, wood. Widely used sandalwood, and rosewood. Rattan, reeds, and bamboo are also in high esteem.

Natural materials in finishing ideal interiors Nigeria

Ideal interiors Kenya you cant imagine without natural materials — clay, straw, twigs, wood. In the ideal interiors Kenya it can be wooden ceiling beams, panels, wooden frames for paintings and mirrors, clay figurines, wicker figurines, roller blinds made of bamboo or wooden blinds.

Lighting in ideal interiors Nigeria

Even ideal interiors Kenya can be destroyed with the wrong light. Do not use in such interiors cold light. To hide the cold light will help yellowish lampshades, chandelier lights, and lamps of warm shade.

Plants in the ideal interiors Nigeria

Properly selected plants will be the highlight in the African interior. It can be palm trees, exotic flowers.

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