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The best home decoration

Author’s Interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is a filigree work, a perfect combination of materials, textures and colors. Stunning interior design projects become the founders of the new fashion in interior design. What we previously could only expect from top Italian designers, it can be seen today in the interiors, which a true virtuoso Luxury Antonovich Design studio creates.

Each time has its style, and each designer has their own view of the comfort and beauty of the interior Nigeria. The project reflects luxury homes of the new millennium. It is difficult to find more precise definition of this beautiful design project. This is where Katrina Antonovich caught a fine line between dream and reality. Impeccable taste, imagination and talent have helped to create an unparalleled combination of exquisite interiors and regal style of modern luxury.

Surprisingly deep intelligent solutions have combined the latest technology and original decorations. Subtle irony of accessories and English aristocracy give the interior a wonderful mood of life celebration, a sparkling fountain of joy and happiness. The interior is very emotional and very harmonious.

The aura of luxury and comfort of the new millennium in the works of Luxury Antonovich Design, the studio of elite interiors Nigeria, reflects the limitless possibilities that modern technology offers.

The freshness of ideas in the classic interiors gives them a unique charm and makes them an ideal habitat. An environment where everything is perfect, where every element of the decor is an integral part in the interior, embracing with warmth and comfort.

To emphasize the status, dignity and aristocracy of the house owners and, at the same time, to create an interior that would be cozy and luxury. This is precisely the task for Katrina Antonovich Antonovich. Talented designer, as always, brilliantly implemented it, going beyond the ordinary and usual canons. The result is stunning in its beauty and harmony of the interior, which reflects current trends in the world of luxury. Fountain of luxury and splendor begins with the first floor of the building and playing of colors, textures, materials and extends to the upper floors of the building. Aesthetic pleasure, which gives the interior, is comparable to the pleasure of seeing the paintings of great artists.

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