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Nigeria interior design companies

The first impression of the house consists, of course, of the hall interior. And in this house from the first moments you realize how much it is beautiful and luxurious. Houses Design in Nigeria reflects the spirit of modern classics. The hall begins to tell the story of a sophisticated and refined luxury and absolute comfort. The interior design from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio becomes recognizable by the peculiar handwriting of talented designers. In every project there are carved natural marble floors of amazing beauty, natural stone and wood. And the villa design project in Nigeria includes these beautiful decorations. Natural marble floors in the hall are decorated with exquisite carvings on the authors sketches of the designers. A marble staircase of same color stone becomes a concise continuation of the hall interior.

Nigeria interior design companies, which include Luxury Antonovich Design, offer spectacular designs. The interiors in each item look flawless and aesthetically perfect.

The comfortable and luxurious hall is smoothly continued by a spacious and magnificent living room. Here, interior designers Nigeria delightfully combine design of floors and ceilings. The ornament on the marble floor in the center of the living room echoes the elegant stucco ornaments on the ceiling. Lush crystal chandelier is complemented by spotlights. Curtains in the interior emphasize the stylistic direction of the design concept, for which classics is mainly typical. Curtains made of noble silk in two shades are complemented with soft lambrequins, rich finish and exquisite accessories. Luxury sofa with rounded shapes and upholstery harmonises perfectly with windows design and its contours are ideally combined with a floor pattern. Stylish square columns with gilded decorations complement the beauty and elegance of the classical interiors.

Paying tribute to the fine traditions, interior designers Nigeria joined the dining room area and living room. Houses design in Saudi Arabia harmoniously emphasizes the respectability of the family, their hospitality and good taste. In the interior there is a perfect harmony, where the designers have skillfully combined colors, materials, furniture and decoration items.

Space zoning is provided by luxurious ceiling decor. The center of each zone is determined by an elegant chandelier, surrounded by swirls of stucco. In order to provide home owners with a sense of absolute comfort, interior designers perfectly organized space of each room in the house.

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