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Dream House Design Nigeria

House Design Nigeria from Antonovich Group begins with a meeting with the customer directly. At this stage, the expert clarifies the purpose of the visit and makes the technical specification for a future project.

Experts from Antonovich Group work with the design of residential premises in Nigeria. We offer interior design services for apartments and own homes. Experts take the development of city apartments with different squares, small country houses, and spacious cottages VIP-class.

Designers working on projects of non-residential buildings and public buildings. The owners of shopping centers, shops, cafes, and restaurants will be able to get the services of a private interior designer in a professional manner. Experts in design studios have backgrounds in the design of business centers and offices.

Antonovich Group has experience working with landscape design. Customers will be able to view the portfolio works of home gardens, areas near the new residential complexes, and large shopping centers. Services also cover municipal projects: gardens, parks, and city parks.

Drastic changes or adjustment to the existing situation is part of the range of services of interior designers Antonovich Group. Engineers fully develop projects and carry out architectural supervision until object commissioning.

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