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General landscaping Nigeria

General landscaping Nigeria

Basic principles of general landscaping, what is it - fashion, art or science? Why do people do like to decorate their territory? Why do firms hire designers to decorate their territories in front of offices? How to create unique landscape design on your territory? What principles of general landscaping to use in certain situations? And many more questions arise if we touch on this topic.

General landscaping is the creation of harmony and convenience with the help of green spaces and small architectural forms. Landscape design direction contains a lot of elements and is built on certain principles. Lets try to highlight some issues concerning general landscaping. The main elements of landscape design. The main components of general landscaping are such elements:

Buildings are the central element of landscape composition, the idea of which is to arrange the space around the central element so that it is beautiful, cozy and harmonious, and if possible, hide the flaws in the buildings.

Lawns, consisting of a variety of herbs, and a path to them.

Greenery - flower beds, trees, and shrubs.

Large decorative elements or small architectural forms, such as a swimming pool, pond, stream, fountain, sculpture, gazebo, etc.

Small decorative details - lamps, candles, flower beds, flower pots, etc.

Principles of general landscaping. If we talk about the principles of general landscaping for the backyard, we should highlight a number of basic:

Integrity. This arrangement of identical elements in different parts of the site. Elements could be decorative, and natural. To achieve the integrity of the landscape, you must first make a plan and decide on the theme of your composition. The main idea that this principle means - the unity and harmony of all elements of the landscape.

Simplicity is another principle of general landscaping. In nature, everything is simple, beautiful and natural, which attracts us, so in general landscaping, there should not be too many complex elements, shapes and a variety of colors and shades - two or three enough and repeat them in the main elements.

The principle of balance. Not adhering to this principle, you put at risk even the harmony that was already in your territory. The balance can be asymmetric or symmetric.

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