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2 bedroom flat floor plan


Luxury Antonovich Design has been continuously providing all the exceptional work international by always prioritising inspirational ideas towards every clients benefit. The entire Team is always believed in the fact that the perfect implementation of every successful project always begins with a very creative and systematic floor planning. That is why we always consider every clients points and desire as the main focus for every development of the Project. And this is the reason why Luxury Antonovich design is consistently the top ranking Architectural and Interior Design Company international.

From the perfect implementation of Floor Plan to a Very Luxurious Classic Bedroom Design

To achieve every success of a Luxurious Bedroom design, we always need to start with the roots where all things are greatly possible. Luxury Antonovich Design works with the best passion and inspiration towards every work. Every Architects and designer will be able to carefully study the floor plan and develop it in the most efficient and systematic way. There is always a set of discussions with the project owner to know all the possible developments as well as the major points of the Client. As soon as the Bedroom floor plan has been very well polished, the creative designing will be started to develop. By this Classic Bedroom design, we can be able to represent how we have made possible implementations to achieve a luxurious Bedroom design. Let us begin with the exceptional floor scheme of this bedroom, wherein we have chosen a very bright and smooth finishing with a design detailed in every edge of the Bed Area. The wall scheme has been done magnificently as we have combined concrete materials and creative decoration of glass feature. On one side of this room is a very stylish window with a high quality of the selected fabric. A deluxe couch has been placed across the window to balance the classical mood of the bedroom. A very luxurious bed matching with the couch design represents the best comfort and cosiness as we have selected the premium class of fabrics and pillows to complete the bed design. The ceiling scheme has a very nice finishing as we have installed a full crystal chandelier with the detailed decorations of carving and lining along with it.

Luxury Classic Design is one of the most signature services that Luxury Antonovich design is very well known of. Aside from the fact that we have all our trusted suppliers of customized and high-end Materials and Furniture’s from Italy, Turkey and UAE, we have our talented team that will always inspire in providing all best solutions in every Luxurious Classic Bedroom Design.

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