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1 bedroom house floor plans


This bedroom Design has been creatively made and accomplished with a very exceptional Classical Design. The best dramatic and general decorative polishes are undeniably Classic design. Among the clients that have been choosing to have and represent of all generations without any exception. It`s cherished elegance for all times. It has been always defining the classic design trend – they are “beauty” and “graciousness”. Luxury Antonovich Design represents this one of the best Classic bedroom design idea in your sleeping place into a real masterpiece and the most desired place in the entire House. Inside the bedroom using this style suggests a feeling of warmth, comfort and peace. The comfortless of family principles and ethnicities. Each material of the interior is a work of attractively with art, there are no casual things.

Proper Methods that have been organized to complete an Elegant Classic Bedroom Design

Luxury Antonovich Design always believes that every creative and successful Design of a Bedroom always depend and begins with the very proper developments of the floor plans and systematically organizing all important details and materials to be implemented. With the help of our very professional Architects and designers, the entire team has been accomplished another successful work of art and we are very proud to present this luxurious Classic Bedroom design. Let us start from the Ceiling Design, as we have carefully studied and considered all the important points of the Ceiling scheme, we have come up with the idea to install a very magnificent Chandelier, Combination of Crystals and Metallic gild material, we have creatively designed it with a golden linings and creative ceiling carvings. Wall schemes was indeed very unique that aside from continuing the very detailed design matches with the ceiling, we have created a one of a kind glass decoration with back lightings. The Luxurious bed was the main centre of the attraction of this Bedroom, aside from the correct high and size of it it has been completed with premium class fabrics and materials. We have made up a very creative flooring design with the neutral colour associated with golden details in every edge of the floor. Across the bed is a very wonderful mirror TV which adds up the entertainment on this bedroom. A magnificent couch has been well presented towards the window with a very nice matte gold design fabrics. We have managed to exert an effort to provide a walk-in closet inside this luxurious bedroom. All the Cabinet design has been well associated with the luxurious Classic style of the entire bedroom. From the best creation of the Bedroom Floor plan, This Classic Bedroom Design is another masterpiece that something to be proud of to present by Luxury Antonovich Design as we have accomplished the very successful and Luxurious result that end up to achieve the highest satisfaction from the Client.

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