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2 bedroom flat plan drawing


Luxury Antonovich Design Team has always been inspired with presenting different work of art and Luxurious successful project that we have effectively implemented. This Luxurious Classic Bedroom Design is another one of the best Design which is definitely from a very systematic planning and organizing from the drawing and creating the full layout. As we have believed that every success of a very stylish work of art has always begun with the first steps and procedure in conducting every work in a project. The full force team has been always inspired with every Client dream of having their great place to stay and relax with their loved ones and family.

A Perfect Classic Bedroom - By Luxury Antonovich Design

In every tiring day of work, personal activities and lifestyle, there no other fulfilling sensation once you will be ending up your day with a very cosy and comfortable bedroom. Every Bedroom that we are creating tend to be more personalize as our team is lending time to directly ask the client about their personal interest and activities, it helps our designers to be able to design every room as personalize and very unique. This bedroom design was indeed totally a luxurious classic design. Aside from the fact that we have to retain the full concept of the house in all areas, the colour variations and materials that we have installed was all from the client’s points and requirements. As the main attraction of this Bedroom, we have selected the most deluxe style Bed with powder blue coloured fabrics which are perfectly matched with the curtains. Walls and Ceiling schemes have been associated with very detailed carvings and luxurious gold linings. We have done the perfect choice of full crystal chandelier to maintain the elegance of the bedroom. Across the bed is a flat screen TV, beside it is a very stylish and comfortable set of chairs. We have managed to provide a small dressing room for this bedroom with stylish cabinets.

Luxury Antonovich Design Making All the Artistic Bedroom Design Possible

Aside from the perfect Planning and organizing of the Drawing, Luxury Antonovich design always believes in the integrity of choosing the best quality when it comes in selecting the furniture’s and its composition and main standards. Every Luxurious Classic Bedroom Design requires premiums class furniture’s and materials and mostly customized furniture’s. And regarding this matter, there is nothing to worry about as Luxury Antonovich design has been engaged with the well-trusted Furniture and Materials Company from Turkey, Italy and UAE who are the best providers of the high-end materials. In this matter, our team can be able to easily be implemented with different designs and decorations on exactly the same requirement of every project.

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