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3 bedroom floor plan


One of the best specialities of Luxury Antonovich Design is providing a Classic Design and Implementations as the Company itself is very well known for the mentioned Expertise. Creating Classic Design Concept always requires a very systematic and detailed procedure which shall be started from every planning of the Project. As a top Architecture and Interior Design Company international, We always believe that every successful project is coming from a very methodical way of planning, Organizing and analysing the Layout itself of the Project. One of the most complicated and challenging job is to analyse and work out for an Interior and Architectural design of a Classic Concept. Aside from the very detailed requirement of features and scheme, Classic Design Concept has mostly is mostly using the customized furniture’s and unique expensive pieces. With this regard, there is nothing to be worry from as Luxury Antonovich design has been tied up with the trusted Furniture’s and Materials suppliers from Turkey, Italy, and UAE.

Luxurious Classic Design Bedroom

We are very proud to present this Luxurious Classic Design Bedroom, aside from the fact that we have successfully done all the implementations properly and accurately, all the points and requirements according to the client has been perfectly polished. Let us begin with the Flooring scheme, as we have used a high quality of marble with a very unique golden design on every edge. As the main attraction of this bedroom, we have selected one of the most Luxurious Designs of the Bed with the premium class fabrics matching with the curtains and pillow cases design. Everyone will be impressed by how magnificent the Ceiling scheme is as we have installed a grand Crystal Chandelier with the perfect lighting accent on the sidelights and detailed carvings along the entire ceiling. The very Luxurious Classic design and decoration of this bedroom have been quickly identified once you enter, as from the walls scheme itself it is very noticeable how comprehensive that all the carvings and linings have been implemented. A grandeur oval-shaped mirror for the powder area has been perfectly aligned, it has been completely adding up the very Luxurious accent of this Classical design Bedroom. We have greatly managed to take enough place for the closet of this bedroom as per the client required; we have still managed to sustain the luxurious design of the bedroom by creating gold detailed carvings and linings on every cabinet design. Once again, it was always a good reminder that the every successful Luxurious Classic Design Bedroom shall always begin with the proper implementations of the project floor plan.

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