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Luxurious mood in the interiors Luxury Antonovich Design - a complete immersion in beauty and luxurious mood. This is how you want to characterize this interior of the living room. The classical style in this project has acquired a very special meaning. It is elegance, hospitality and a desire to provide its guests with all the best. Amazing décor impresses with perfect shapes and an impeccable combination of shades, textures and materials. The view glides over the living room suites and each square meter gives a real aesthetic pleasure. This can be compared with the contemplation of the masterpiece of the great artist. From year to year, the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design creates more and more new masterpieces in the classical style. And this interior of the living room became one of the pearls in the succession of works by talented designer Katrina Antonovich.

The central room, the "face" of any house or apartment is, of course, a living room. This is the most spacious, lightest room, the main purpose of which, as it follows from its very name, is the reception of guests. In addition, this room also serves as a place where the residents of the house spend most of their time. After all, its so convenient to talk to each other, discuss urgent problems and business, discuss the past day and plans for the future, just watch TV, spend an evening with a cup of tea, watching the rare beauty of fish in the aquarium, or listening to music that is pleasant to the heart ...

One of the most popular for today interior design styles, which owners prefer to choose for decoration of their living room, continues to be a triumphantly solemn, full of nobility and grace unsurpassed classical style. Luxury, unprecedented scope, grandeur, dignity, splendor and splendor of the royal palaces, and at the same time refinement and gracefulness - all this provides for this style. The interior of the living room, executed in a classical style, as well as possible, emphasizes the presence of an excellent aesthetic taste among homeowners, and speaks of their respectability, prestige, high social status and position in society.

Classics - this is a strict style, the main requirement of which is the correctness of geometric shapes. First of all, it concerns the premises. Also - its a style in which all elements of the decor are in the strictest symmetry, clearly hierarchical, centered and balanced. In classics, there can be no place for randomly selected objects. Here, cheapness is inappropriate too.

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