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Villa in Palm Jumeirah

Contemporary villa design is becoming the best way to create a unique interior with original design solutions. These solutions often look startling and become sources of new styles in the interior. Villa design is a reflection of the boundless imagination and talent of the interior designers. We carefully monitor new technologies, not only to offer our customers unique and beautiful solutions but also to implement them in life. Perfection, harmony, comfort and aesthetic perfection. That is how you can describe the authors project of at the villa in Palm Jumeirah. All solutions regarding interior design continue the architectural design. A spacious living room consists of a dining area and living room itself. The height of the wall extends over the entire height of the building. The interior has got a unique sensation of freshness and breadth of space. Part of the wall is decorated with interlacing patterns with decorative effect of Mashrabiya. The living room is decorated with a glass panel with special lighting, which visually resembles a large waterfall. The floors are decorated with natural marble with carved abstract patterns. The dining area is taken to a podium with backlight. Massive crystal chandeliers in this space look visually light and weightless. A terrace on the second floor perfectly fits into the interior, thanks to the balustrade made of transparent glass. Spectacular bas-reliefs on the walls with lighting elements make the interior more dynamic.

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