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Breathtaking modern design in USA

Modernity in the USA

The modern architecture is not new in the USA, in fact, the infrastructures since the start of the 21st century have been developing the modern aesthetics until the present. The usage of asymmetrical shapes with flat roofs and other ornaments in the moldings has created a more simple look compared to the previous designs that are too much in decoration or looks heavier. The modern designs in the USA are now all about clean, and light designs with different touches of accents and styles that complement the style of the owners of the house. The Luxury Antonovich Design is a well known modern architecture and design company that practices the different modern design principles and applies it to their designs. The founder of the company Katrina Antonovich has started using a more minimal approach to their designs creating a modern approach to their constructions. In this Model home, you will see different areas of the home which incorporates different styles as well. In a home design, there is not only one design that will be permanent to every room. Rather it is important to style each room to add a different feel to every corner of the house.

The Refreshing Dining Area

In the model design above the teal green color is a refreshing design when it comes to home decorating. This is the best area to try out this shade as it accentuates the palette and the theme of the dining area. The easiest way to incorporate green into your dining area is by using it in your fixtures. The Luxury Antonovich Design company understands that using the color teal as a paint requires full commitment, so the company thought about using it as a fixture color, which are the curtains, chairs, and even the throw pillows. The neutral backdrop creates a great balance giving the teal its own spotlight as it highlights and impacts the dining space. The teal dining chairs add a charm to the gorgeous setup. Combining it with the delicate drapes makes a bold statement which reflects style and elegance.

Kitchen Reinvented

This kitchen design above is a modern design that is still warm, and welcoming. The usage of natural materials such as the wood brings out a more rustic feel in the interior. The finishes of the marble flooring create an easier and less maintenance floor design that is perfect for the chaotic kitchen. The wood highlights the gold and white walls of the kitchen making it look timeless and effortlessly sophisticated. The company thought of complementing the colors of the marble with the wood to give the house a more balanced style. The appeal of the kitchen creates a modern feel, thanks to the open island that is often styled for a modern themed house.

The Neutral Spectrum of a Bedroom

Move over the warm colors of reds and orange and replace it with something neutral and more refreshing to the eyes. Being able to use more shades of brown tones, greys, are often called to be safe and boring, but the Luxury Antonovich Design company has taken a toll on this and created a different twist to the neutral shades reputations. The company was able to create a more dramatic, and sophisticated look out of these colors. The dramatic contrast in the bedroom that uses the neutral color to add a moody teal blue-green shade gives the room an eye-catching accent that makes it look more dramatic. The room design is so refreshing and it has a personality which reflects the style of the owner. The theme is to keep the bedroom looking cozy and perfect for relaxation. After all, the bedroom is a place of tranquility and relaxation. It is easy to use neutral shades and redecorate a room just by interchanging different pieces of furniture. The walls are also decorated with different textures and elements adding more depth to the bedroom.

Looking Forward into The Future the company makes sure that they increase the sustainability in their designs. The future of the modern design is in the innovation of architects and designers and the Luxury Antonovich Design company has pledged to develop and continue to innovate to cope up with the modernity of architecture.

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