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Luxury Villa Design in Dubai


In modern architectural construction there are a variety of projects of country houses. The villas among them occupy one of the most significant places. The luxurious design of the villa in modern style by Luxury Antonovich Design has its own characteristics inherent in this particular architectural direction, such structures are easily recognizable from many similar houses. Often, home design is born through creative intuition — the basis for creating luxurious design. The architecture translates sincere wishes of customers in a rational format accessible to it.

The inspiration for this interior was the desire to create a single memorable image of a house in the United Arab Emirates. Its hot outside like in the desert, and you walk on the cool floor of the villa. This is largely due to the use in the interior of natural stone and marble, which give a feeling of light coolness, — says Katrina Antonovich, the creator of this villa interior.

An exclusive and luxurious villa of modern design from Luxury Antonovich Design with an elevator, the interior of which is an exceptional living room, an amazing dining room and bedroom and space for relaxing with exquisite furniture. The interior is simply gorgeous, with great brightness thanks to large windows and superb decor, with unique items that you fall in love with at first sight. Because of the large number of rooms, it is ideal for large groups or several families who want to be together.


Such an interior can compete with the best Arab houses. This villa has a memorable personality. The atmosphere of the luxurious halls eloquently testifies to the stylistic approach of the Luxury Antonovich Design architects. In most of the premises there is solid furniture in leather upholstery and massive furniture with inserts of precious wood. It has everything that can be found in luxurious modern interiors. This includes multi-level ceilings with decor, and moldings framing the ceiling cornice, and stone wall panels, and luxurious curtains on the huge windows of the two-light hall, and marble floor with inlay. And, of course, details. After all, the details, according to our architects and designers, create a sophisticated and luxurious space.

The interior of the house is made in one color. In the premises of the building cream-brown shades are dominated. All surfaces and accessories look very holistic and harmonious. Bright, bold palette and carpets in rich colors with abstract patterns cause a surge of vitality and create an unusual comfort. The interiors have an unobtrusive aura of modern luxury.

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