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Luxury Office in Lahore

Luxury Office in Lahore

As you step inside the Antonovich designed office interior in UAE, you will feel that the room is filled with a serious mood, the three-piece suite in a metallic shade with dark-colored pillows, matched with the black granite coffee table will make you realize that business is synonymous with the words class and style.

The lovely symphony of the different shades of black is a statement of its simplicity and elegance. Black is a very complex shade to utilize; as you can see, the room has its own commanding presence to make you awake, alert, serious and wise all at the same time. The character of the patterned tiled wall imposes that in the world of business if it is not written and signed in a paper it is not considered a deal. The dog portraits that hang on the wall emits a security feeling within the employees, but a threat to applicants neither to others who wish to transact. Meanwhile, the windows being draped by a lightly colored curtain sends off and optimistic vibe to lighten up the mood and the plasma television mounted provides entertainment to those who are waiting for their turn. The polished dark brown wood textured door breaks the unembellished gray wall of its blankness; making you focus only on what is behind the door and nothing else.

The lights in the ceiling are also placed at about five inches away from the wall, making the guests have a better sight of what they are reading, writing or typing prior to their transaction; also this allows the light to generate a different shade, creating shadows in the distance from the other light fixtures. The fifteen-piece chandelier acts like a spotlight to the coffee table, highlighting that one should lay all his cards on the table when dealing with the boss. Lights mounted up on the tiled wall are comparable to the dungeon torches, emitting an hourglass-shaped aura, to spread luminosity above and below.

The Antonovich office interior UAE fashion the modern face of business, sleek and sophisticated. Providing a comfortable, simple and futuristic outlook.

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