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Luxury Home Cinema Karachi

Luxury Home Cinema Karachi

Luxury Antonovich Design is the first high quality designers of Home theaters in the East. Are you ready for a home cinema set-up, and possess a fully immersive movie experience right in your own home? We are here for you to develop your inspirations in building your home cinema. 

Being the first to fully incorporate the home cinema concept in the East, our firm has been delivering the best designs for home cinema. Our architects and engineers makes sure that the wirings are safely installed.

When it comes to design we make sure to mirror the luxurious theme. The leather lazy-boy seats gives you a more relaxing movie experience. The marble patterned floors shows magnificence in the simplest design. The lighting can be adjusted from dim to bright as to your preference. You’ll feel like a royalty sitting in this lavish room and watching your favorite movie. 

Luxury Antonovich Design is the most elegant interior design company in the East. They oath to create deluxe interiors that gives you a 5 star experience but are also very warm and sheltered. 

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