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Girl's Playroom Lahore

Girl's Playroom Lahore

One of the amazing benefits of having a playroom is called “space conditioning.” Your child will develop mental moods to inhabit when they visit a space. Inside the playroom, your child will become excited to play and explore. The difference In the bedroom, is that they learn how to calm down and prepare themselves to sleep. If you will have the bedroom and the playroom in the same room, your child’s mood can become bewildered.

Playrooms are advantageous that there’s a lot of families who are allowing their children to sleep into one bedroom so they can use the spare room as a playroom. At their younger years you might be able to motivate your child’s mental and physical development by giving them different spaces for sleeping and playing. 

With Luxury Antonovich Design a child’s development is important. Playing  is serious business for children and we want to create them a space that is both enticing and uplifting. It’s essential to the development of their intellectual, physical, and emotional health. From our perspective, a playroom is momentous because it gives your children a special space to play without interfering with the rest of the home.

This Girl’s play room is designed with Castles and designed with pink and purple wallpapers and paints. We want to make your little girl feel that they are a princess. We’ll put elegance and style on your child’s space. There is a built in slide that is designed like a castle. It also has a little space inside for your child's play area. We also  designed the flooring with different colors of stars and the ceiling with clouds to create a very relaxing and playful ambiance. 

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