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Exquisite Interior Design Pakistan

Exquisite Interior Design Pakistan

The interiors itself are not similar to any type of designs you will encounter. The Crystal Chandeliers. the marbled floors, The symmetrical and furnished staircase, and the relaxing color palette is one that will surely satisfy you and delight you in awe. The marbled floors are not just plain but it is decorated with artistic patterns. The stairs are polished and designed with gold details. The white paint makes the massive room look more huge.  huge dome windows lets more lighting in making the house feel warm and cozy all the time.  

Luxury Antonovich Design is the team who designs these works of art. Their landscapes have impeccable designs creating a nice cozy place for clients. Ensuring their safety and their comfort. The Chief Designer Katrina Antonovich believes about functionality in a home

They have started Antonovich design since 2002 and since then they have been reaching the top. They have served amazing countries and hoping to create more in others in the near future. She wants to design a place where everything works together. 

The interior of the house should make an amazing impact on everyone. With Luxury Antonovich Designs we make sure that the home space will maximize it's use. We always a fresh and vibrant look for a very bright and light home ambiance.

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