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Design of houses in Pakistan

 Design of houses in Pakistan

Company Luxury Antonovich Design, having behind 14 years of experience, today is actively working in Pakistan. The prerogative of the company are the creation of design projects, work on the interior design, construction, repair and decoration with decorative plaster both private and public objects of any complexity. Company Luxury Antonovich Design - a team of qualified professionals with a great creative potential, has demonstrated in the already finished projects. The home design in pakistan, created by the hands of our architects, best designer in pakistan and decorators really meet all the requirements of modern times.

Each of our project design, home design, renovation, construction, and decoration - is matching the tastes of the customer, innovative solutions, and functionality, the design of every detail. For us, interior design - is not only the fruit of the author's creation. Our challenge in the interior design, to reflect the client's personality, his tastes, habits, philosophy of life. That is why, created by us every interior design - the creation of the author, in a single copy. We believe that our task - to unite in harmony and comfort with beauty and style, without compromising functionality and convenience. Each direction for us, speaking of the design project, work on the interior design, construction, repair, decorating with the use decorative plaster - an opportunity to get real pleasure from the process, and gratitude from customers - the highest award for us.

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