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Chic Master Bedroom Lahore

Chic Master Bedroom Lahore

The master bedroom is a reflection of your self. It should represent you, your style, your attitude, and your character. Possessing your own personal space in an organised and personally designed way, can make a noticeable difference to the way you think and feel. By having the bedroom decorated how you desire, you can achieve greater enthusiasm and a positive influence on your work and home life. 

The Luxury Antonovich Design the renewed luxury Architecture and Interior Design firm will cater to you home décor dreams. Our design team aims to give our clients the wonderful feeling of living in a constructed home. In line with that we ensure the quality of our products and design. The team of Antonovich have been evolving their designs for more than a decade. They put their heart and soul into every detail, creating an interior that is one of a kind. 

Our advantages when it comes to designing homes and bedrooms are our luxurious physique. It can last for a lifetime. With the amazing creations of our chief designer Katrina Antonovich. Together with her sensational creations and her love for art she’s able to produce one of a kind bedrooms that is personalized for each client. Our materials are high-end delivering elegant creations to life. Marbled floors, chic wallpapers that matches the furnitures. Linings of gold, and crystal chandeliers. Every room is equated to a palatial look. 

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