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Kenyan gate designs

Kenyan gate designs

The first impression of the house is formed at the gate. The same can be said about the owners of the house. The first impression about them is formed already by the entrance gates. Very often they perform not only their basic function, protective. Interesting Kenyan gate designs carries information about the owners of the estate. That's why many ask such questions: "How to make a beautiful original gate on their site?" Or "Where can I g et ideas for creating unique Kenyan gate designs?"

Where to begin?

To come up with your unique Kenyan gate designs, you need to explore many options that have long been invented and implemented by others. This is how the idea of how to make an original, functional, beautiful Kenyan gate designs, which will be in harmony with the main buildings and also carry the necessary information about the owners of the house, can come to mind.

Ideas of Kenyan gate designs are important to correlate with those characteristics that are in priority for you. So you can immediately exclude, just do not consider obviously inappropriate options. The list of characteristics should be drawn up in advance. And it can consist of the following items:

design features (swing gates or sliding gates)

width and height

shape and height of the arch (if a gate with an arch )

the location of the wicket

functional features (protective, decorative)

the material for the frame

material for the sashes will

locking mechanism

It is necessary to consider some requirements that must be observed when arranging Kenyan gate designs:

To ensure unhindered entry of cars, the width of the gate should be at least 2.2 meters, and height - 1.8 meters.

For the truck, the total width of the gates should be at least 3.2 meters.

The gate should open well, close, have a reliable locking mechanism.

The construction and design of the main entrance should be consistent with the overall style of the buildings, as well as the whole area.

The material for Kenyan gate designs must be strong, durable, resistant to weathering.

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