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Luxury Antonovich Design is the best fit-out companies Dubai that is offering complete interior architecture services with world-class standard design and executions. With the finest touches of style and modernity, we always assure to deliver premium class interior architecture implementations to be able to meet the highest standard which has been required by the client.

This modern way of life has lately gained international popularity, and it is now being adapted to modern family living. Every person and family in this modern period has accepted the use of many modern technologies, the current fashion trends, and may as well for the newest trend in life. It is now incredibly affordable, accessible, and easy to live in a contemporary apartment or penthouse. Residential apartment buildings may be found in the heart of any city, among various business establishments, office buildings, industrial structures, malls, and schools. Living in apartment complexes and penthouses might help you save time and money by eliminating traffic and commute costs.

The most opulent and contemporary type of furniture design may be found in a modern apartment or penthouse, which also includes a variety of advanced technologies such as a smart home system. For flats and penthouses, there are two sorts of units: completely furnished and bare. Real estate brokers may give these options to property purchasers. However, once the apartment has been handed over, the owner of the property can easily redecorate or make small improvements, whether it is a bare flat or completely furnished. Major renovations are not possible in flats and penthouses since they have permanent wall and ceiling constructions that are restricted by the buildings capacity.

Life in an apartment or penthouse, whether with family or alone, is already a hallmark of contemporary living. Living a life of modernism and class while embracing this current form of luxury living is considered a tremendous honor. Modern apartments and penthouses are the ideal residential units for finding various high-definition technology and contemporary furniture design. To obtain the most consistent interior design arrangement, every expert interior designers assistance is required in these residential constructions. Only the most experienced staff is capable of performing and developing any modern apartment and penthouse design, as it will have the most fashionable and elegant interior design setting. The smart home system is one of the most popular interior design components for modern apartments and penthouses, as it includes a variety of functions and automation that will improve the overall convenience and functionality of the home.


For those who are unfamiliar, an apartment is a single residential unit with complete construction of a home that is located in a portion of a residential building. From every window or balcony in a contemporary apartment, there is a partial panoramic view of the citys partial surroundings. Meanwhile, the penthouse occupies the whole deck and is placed at the top/highest section of the residential structure.

The penthouse is the most costly apartment in any residential structure since it has the most lavish interior design and the most expansive view of the surrounding region. The majority of the premium penthouse designs also have an outstanding outdoor space with spectacular infinity pools and panoramic views of breathtaking surroundings overlooking the whole cityscape.

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