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Luxury Antonovich Design is a Dubai-based interior design firm that provides the best solutions for family sitting area home design in Dubai. When it comes to modern home décor houses with family sitting rooms, the Luxury Antonovich Design team is constantly focused on achieving the appropriate balance of style and spacing in every interior design arrangement. The family sitting space is where the family spends more time together after a hard day of work, school, sports, and other personal activities in every modern home décor. Family seating rooms do definitely encourage greater family time. The family sitting room, as one of the most important parts of any domestic interior, also represents the familys lifestyle or the owners personality. Because here is where the family entertains friends and visitors, the family sitting spaces should always be warm and friendly.

The family sitting space in every modern home décor is also a perfect spot in the house for entertainment, watching your favorite movie or series, and simply relaxing after a hard day. Luxury Antonovich Design, the best interior fit-out business in Dubai, will ensure that whatever the idea design villa for your luxury house is completed in the modern home décor as the team follows a systematic and rigorous approach.


The notion of a family room is rather simple. Adding interest to a family room for home design in Dubai using photos is a great place to start. Choose furniture that fits the color scheme after youve settled on a hue for your family room. Accent pieces in the same hue, such as ottomans and cabinets, can assist to bring the interior of the house to life. Make sure you have matching tablecloths and placemats, as well as theme lightings such as dimmer switches and lights. You may also use beautiful items like pictures, paintings, and rugs to decorate.

Family rooms are unstructured and self-serving places, especially in home design Dubai with three or four family members. They enable family members to move around freely and collaborate effectively. A well-designed family room may serve as a lovely focal point in the house. These accommodations offer privacy and comfort while preserving the natural beauty of their surroundings.


As the best interior fit-out business in Dubai, our objective is to create a family sitting home design Dubai that will both welcome guests and entertain family and friends. You must first understand how these rooms will be used before you can design them. Here are some often asked questions about the purpose of a living room that may help you establish your action plan to build one.

• The purpose of family sitting is defined by its walls and floor area.

• Colors and wallpaper should be chosen to complement the walls colors and furniture.

• For dark artwork in the living room, youll require light-colored wallpaper and coverings.

• The number of chairs in a living room determines its usefulness! This specifies the maximum number of formal talks that can be held in a single location.

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