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Apartment design NY

The modern design of apartments becomes the moment when interior designers aspire within the city apartment to create luxury and comfort, which visually and mentally can be compared with a large country villa. All the instruments of design art used to do this. These are brilliant ideas of interior designers, modern technologies and the best materials. This beautiful apartment has become a reflection of fashion trends in the spirit of the modern classic. This beautiful interior story begins with a small corridor, which is beautifully decorated. The walls are decorated laconic with plaster of cream shade. The floor of natural marble is decorated with a large monogram of dark stone. In the ceiling decor, interior designers use a multi-level niche and a beautiful chandelier to visually increase the height of the room. For comfortable moments, there is a charming ottoman at the base of a soft semi-column with illumination. The story begins with a corridor and grows in beauty in the living room and other rooms. The corridor and the living room are divided into by beautiful semi-columns in the Art Deco style with a decorative pearly pattern. In the living room, the authors of the project focused on the decoration of the walls. This gives the room a unique charm and artistic expressiveness. Open space of the living room continues with a dining zone and kitchen zone in accordance with the fashion trends. Each inhabitant of the apartment has his unique and cozy space, which repeats dreams and desires, as well as ideas about beauty.

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