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Elegant Apartment Design


Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known internationally as the trendsetter when it comes to architecture and interior design. As it is composed of high-caliber professionals and an expert team that never stops in discovering the newest ideas to perform in every architecture and interior design project. Performing a luxurious interior design setting with premium class standards is the iconic service that Luxury Antonovich Design is offering in such modern apartment interiors. Luxury Antonovich Design performs complete interior design services and solutions from A to Z. it has the most professional and skilled fit-out team that has the full ability to execute the latest trend in style and decoration.

Selecting hues and every texture to fill in a luxury apartment interior design is a very important stage of executions as it enhances the luxurious vibe of the apartment that creates a cozy and aesthetic perfection towards the area. A great fusion of neutral hues such as beige, white, and brown with the finest touch of gold will enhance the elegance and style of the interior mood. Another challenging task to perform in developing a modern apartment interior design is the selection of furniture and decoration. Natural plants as one of the major decorations will bring out a very refreshing accent which is also a good source of natural air purifiers. A set of crystal glass lighting will also enhance the greatest style of modernity that will level up the exquisite design of the interior. Luxury Antonovich Design also produces customized furniture, lightings, and carpets which are very much in demand to install and arrange in every luxury apartment interior design.

Choosing the Luxury Antonovich Design as a partner in developing such modern apartment interior design was indeed such a great decision. Not only because Luxury Antonovich Design is the top interior design company, but Luxury Antonovich Design also has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and all types of decorations which are being needed to complete every interior design project. Each prestigious piece is being showcased at Dubai’s biggest luxury furniture store – Luxury Antonovich Home, Which is also owned by Katrina Antonovich – the most luxurious interior designs.

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