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Extravagant Children's Room Interior Design

Children's room interior design is a special area in our work, which we are paying close attention. Luxury interior design from studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design takes into account the wishes and dreams of every member of the family of home owners. This architectural child's room project was designed for two twin brothers. Villa design in Dubai in general is in the classical style. And only in the children's room interior designers completely gone from the concept and dedicated every detail to the dreams and passions of two twin brothers. Children's rooms design reflect the romantic theme of sea travel. Spectacular design solutions give the children's room cozy original form. Two comfortable beds are stylized under a sea boat. They are united with one headboard of a large wheel. Curtains and decoration of the bed are made of natural plaided fabrics of two shades, which makes the interior perfect and very expressive. Curtains are complemented with noble white silk with original mesh that resembles a light sail. The ceiling design continues romantic mood of the interior. Children's room interior design is in perfect harmony with the inner world of children, their dreams and passions.

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