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Design Villa in Springs/Meadows

The space of pure beauty filled the villa interior in Dubai. Interior designers have created a luxury project in which modern classics echoes Art Deco accents. The friendly and open nature of home owners the deigners subtly reflected in the interior. Interior design studio UAE Luxury Antonovich Design offers its customers only unique solutions. And the interior has its own unique charm. The modern interior design combines tradition and new possibilities of material processing. Interior Designers Dubai sensitively monitor these trends and create a luxurious and unique authors projects.

Villa Design Dubai has a very light and delicate image. The spacious place of the first floor harmoniously combines the hall, living room, dining room and kitchen. In this part of the villa is dominated by soft cream shades with accents of gentle lavender. Interior Designers Dubai brilliantly arranged space of the villa and emphasized all its advantages. The perfect geometry of the luxury and comfort is based on the ingenious design solutions. In the hall the foundation of the composition is drawing on the marble floor.

Its elegant outline is duplicated with the ceiling decor. The gall is separated from the living room by two columns with exquisite silver capitals, which are highlighted with line of soft blue backlight. More expressive and elegant this part of the interior is made with curtains of crystal beads. Marble floors with graceful swirls of carved patterns are the basis for a nice romantic mood of the interior.

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