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Elegant Villas Interior in Abu Dhabi

The interior design by the studio Luxury Antonovich has a special design handwriting of luxury and comfort. House Design is in a style of modern classics with Art Deco accents. And as each authors project of the design studio in Dubai, the villa interior has a special charm. Living room design with delicious accents of colors, materials and textures is charming in every detail. The combination of cream and chocolate hues perfectly contributes to a cozy mood of the apartment. Invariably luxurious design complements the floor interior with romantic and refined charm. Here, interior designers have added to the light marble surface some carvings of chocolate hue. At this bright and stylish background sofas and a coffee table look gorgeous. Furniture in the interior plays an important role in the overall expression of the apartment. Soft velvet sofa is upholstered in gentle creamy shade. A narrow line of polished stainless steel around the perimeter of the base of the sofa has a mirror effect and thus creates an amazing feeling that the sofa is floating in space. Invariably luxurious decor element of modern interiors in any style becomes a soft wall panel. Sunny and warm mood of the interior at any time is provided with a line of LED backlighting. In the dining area there are motifs of colors and textures of materials decoration. The villa interior design is full of harmony and warmth of home comfort in each room. The designers add to these enjoyable moments some functionality moments.

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