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Royal Villa Interior Design in UAE

Selecting a Furniture design for a Royal Style Villa

One of the most difficult projects to perform it a Royal Style villa with a classical interior design concept. From the fact that the classical design concept is the most prestigious and expensive project, the furniture selections and implementation of design require the highest level of elegance. Royal Style villas are the Palaces, Arabian style villas, Luxury Villas owned by VIPs and Royals families. Royal style villas require extraordinary design implementations, wherein a very glamorous set of furniture design is needed. That is why Royal style villas are the ones that require a customized furniture design.

Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the top provider of the most luxurious furniture design and the creator of customized furniture design, carpets, flooring, chandelier, family crest or logo, and other prestigious decorations. Indeed, nothing can be more capable of developing a royal style villa design but Luxury Antonovich Design. As it offers the complete project solutions from the space planning development, construction, interior design implementation, fit-out work, up to the final turnkey solution. Luxury Antonovich design has its own furniture store – “KA Luxury” which is filled with the most luxurious furniture design collection – KA Brand which is named after the owner of Luxury Antonovich Design and KA Luxury – Katrina Antonovich. KA Luxury is also the authorized supplier of different luxury brands for furniture design from Turkey and Italy. KA luxury has its own manufacturing and the factory that has its in house furniture designer and skillful production team.

No doubt, Luxury Antonovich Design is always the best choice for every elite client in developing their properties local and international. This Royal style villa is one of the recent greatest examples of outstanding project design execution as it has been perfectly accomplished the style according to every clients requirement at the same time is sticking up with the classical design concept. There is a set of visible luxuriousness that can be seen in every detailed decoration and furniture design, such as the customized huge chandelier at the center of the lobby, out of this world detailed design and craftsmanship towards the flooring of the lobby with a perfect underneath lighting, the dramatic staircase design, perfect selections of extra luxurious furniture’s.

The gypsum, ceiling, and walls design is also filled with elegance from its handmade carvings with elegant touches of gold. Entering this luxurious villa design, you will immediately feel the royalty in the atmosphere as everybody will be welcomed with a magnificent indoor fountain that creates a very appealing features and calmness.

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