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Luxurious Interior of the Children's Room

Beautiful interior design studio in Dubai delights and enchants with its unique beauty. This architectural children's room interior design is as beautiful and charming as the young owner of the room is. The interior enchants with tenderness and warmth. Pleasant shades of cream, peach, pink and milk form the amazing feeling of warmth of a summer morning. Children's room interior design is very versatile for a spectacular design solutions. Design is both complex with delights and harmonious combination of colors, textures and materials. The ceiling is decorated with niches with the outlines of butterflies which are highlighted with lines of blue lights. Luxury chandelier is complemented with projectors. Comfortable bed with high upholstered headboard adds is added with a charming canopy of translucent silk, which is picked up with a bow forming soft folds of drapery. In the windows decor interior designers Dubai use luxury silk peach-colored trim with fabric of pink color. Interior refinement is added with grabs of large tassels. Warmth of home comfort is provided with the floor of natural wood and soft round milky carpet. Children's room interior design for a girl is perfect and charming.

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