• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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Design Project of the Restaurant

Author's design project of the restaurant emphasizes the elite status of this place. Design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design creates a luxurious houses, apartments and public buildings design. This complex project included the architectural design of the restaurant interior. Exquisite architectural image with open terraces, rounded shapes and large windows is a masterpiece of architecture. The facades design attracts with its beauty and its interior design amazes and cozy atmosphere makes customers return to a favorite restaurant again and again. Luxury restaurant design perfectly underlines respectability and luxury of this place. There a large group of people can rest comfortably as well as, simply to spend a romantic evening together. Dubai Interior Designers created a luxurious restaurant interior, which is fully consistent with the concept of the exquisite place. The restaurant interior in the style of Art Deco has a bright and refined character. A delightful combination of comfortable upholstered furniture of milky and rich pink base sets a festive mood. Interior Designers Dubai masterly play contrasts, shades, materials and textures. The floors are made of black marble decorated with themed design. Mood light romance is set with curtains of milky silk. Colorful accents became fine columns, capitals , which continue harmoniously decorated ceiling. The interior design Dubai by Luxury Antonovich Design is an elite and luxurious image of modern interiors.

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