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Oriental Living room

The greatness of the royal palaces of Italy, France, and England does not cease to attract the attention of fans of the classical style. Many clients of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design choose exactly the option of palace luxury in the classical style, to emphasize their life successes, their status and, of course, high taste. The interior of the living room with dining area undoubtedly reflects modern palace luxury. Dubai interior designers respecting all the canons and traditions of the classical style, leave room for improvisations and original design ideas. Thus, each interior becomes a unique pearl of design art. The interior of the living room is full of deep meaning. Here you can see the notes of Empire, Baroque and Neoclassicism. The traditional decor of the walls, where the matte plaster shades with petals of stucco molding with gilding perfectly shade the brighter interior elements. Undoubtedly, the most picturesque and bright element of the living room interior was a luxurious floor made of natural marble with carved ornaments. Ornamentation is quite complicated with the use of dozens of kinds of natural stone, allowing you to visually recreate the image of a beautiful carpet that will forever be beautiful and attractive. Arched windows were decorated with beautiful curtains made of noble silk with bronze tint. A soft wave of lambrequin and golden lace echoes with the rest of the interior decor elements. The authors of the project given the lead role in this room for furniture. The sofas and armchairs became a bright accent, thanks to the beautiful upholstery of blue textiles with embroidery.

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